Saturday, 4 February 2012

Why I am passionate about rock music and online games.

Why I am passionate about rock music and online games because I feel empty without one of them. It's like a Bicol Express without chili if you know what I mean.  For me it makes me feel energized or relax when I'm listening to my favorite rock bands and songs same goes when I am playing online games.

Since I was a kid I love listening to rock genre music kind of songs. That time my cousin was a member in a band, playing lead guitar. They play alternative rock songs. He always take me with him whenever he and his band mates are going to do their practice. That's were I got to love rock music. Well I am really thankful to my cousin because he did that.

When I am still in grade two my parents bought us a family computer for having good grades in school. We play every weekends. I did loved playing games in it. And then when I'm in high school I was introduced in the online gaming world by a classmate who did have a magazine that has a free CD installer of Ragnarok. It catches my attention so I tried it installing at home. That's were I find that my passion with online game is just the same as when I am listening to my favorite music.
 One of my favorite band Slipknot.

This is Aion Online, I really enjoy playing this game!

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