Friday, 10 February 2012

Masked Music

Slipknot is an American heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa. Formed in 1995, the group was founded by percussionist Shawn Crahan and bassist Paul Gray. The band is consisted of nine members. Joey Jordison (drummer), Chris Fehn (custom percussion,backing vocals), Sid Wilson (turntables), Jim Root (guitars), Craig Jones (sampling, media), Shawn Crahan (custom percussion, backing vocals), Mick Thomson(guitars), Corey Taylor(lead vocals), Donnie Steetle(guitars), Paul Gray (bass guitar) and Josh Brainard (guitars, backing vocals). Slipknot is known for attention-grabbing image, topsy-turvy live shows, and very powerful music style. Their debut album which was released on June 29, 1999 it was named with their own band’s name, Slipknot. But Mate Feed Kill Repeat was Slipknot’s very first album, created in 1996. The album is very experimental, covering a variety of styles and genres. It was a very rare album, only 1000 copies were ever made. Slipknot didn’t start wearing masks, the idea was originally brought up by Shawn who one day brought in a mask and mucked around with it. Soon other members of the band were wearing masks. “It’s not about our names or faces, it’s about the music state Slipknot.

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